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In Armageddon : special effects , you will discover the secrets of special effects, from their origins to nowadays with a cast member, but also Michael Clarke Duncan, who was filmed especially for the occasion.

And to live better the special effects, there is nothing better than to dive into the skin of an actor in the movie Armageddon, and more precisely during a spectacular scene especially created for the visitors at Disneyland Paris: the one of the Mir station which experiences an intense meteor shower, which could even make the station explode!

What you might want to know

  • Waiting time: 5 to 15 minutes
  • Loved by: everybody!
  • Side by side seating: not applicable
  • Minimum size: none
  • Pregnant women: forbidden
  • Fastpass: no
  • Single rider: no
  • Extra Magic Time: no
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