Panoramagique is the world’s biggest hot air balloon. It takes you high in the sky, to an altitude of 100 meters, and give you the most beautiful view of the resort, Disneyland Paris.


Since april 2005, Panoramagique is a must for young and old.

Located on the Disney Lake, behind Disney Village, near Disney’s Hotel New York and the restaurant Earl’s of Sandwich, it take 30 passengers for a fliht of 6 minutes, who wan see for 20 kilomètres at 360°. Several hundred thousand people had lived this experience. Will you dare to go on the Panoramagique?

This hot air balloon weighs 2 tons, and 2.5 tons with its 30 passengers. 35 meters high, and 23 meters in diameter, the helium in the balloon can lift 6 tons ! Raised and lowered by electricity, it’s not polluting !

Practical information

Hours : from 1st april to 31st october, Panoramagique flies everyday from 9 in the morning to 23 in the evening. And from 1st november to 31st march, guest can see it in the sky from 10 in the morning to 22 in the evening.

For your safety, in unfavourable weather conditions, Panoramagique can be closed.

Price :5€ per child (from 3 to 11 year old), 11€ per adult and per teen from 12 years old. But it’s free for the youngest.

Do you need more informations ? Call + 33 1 60 45 70 52 or visit Panoramagique website.

Buy your tickets onligne on Panoramagique website.